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A New Wrinkle in SEL: Make it for Teachers!

January 7, 2021 | Hugh Norwood

​Is there any doubt that students need more Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) than ever before?  But as every flight attendant says at the beginning of every flight in every airport:  “Put your own mask on before assisting others.”  

Secure your mask before helping others


This truism must apply to educators, too.  Without healthy habits of mind, the ability to name feelings, and resiliency in the face of setbacks, our educators will never be successful in implementing systemic SEL initiatives. 

Perhaps more importantly, teachers need the same SEL skills as kids in order to recover from the traumatic events of the last year, and maintain their morale, focus, passion and integrity. 

That is why ReadyLXP partnered with LaVonna Roth and her S.H.I.N.E. curriculum for teacher engagement and health.  It’s the only education-specific, SEL skills-focused content for teachers we’ve ever seen.  And Ms. Roth was looking for a way to offer educators a sustained professional development experience, something ReadyLXP was built to do.

If you recognize the importance of putting “your own mask on before assisting others“ when it comes to supporting our teachers’ social-emotional health and wellness, check out S.H.I.N.E. and ReadyLXP or talk to one of our team members.     ​



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