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TEG partners with Florida DOE Leadership Competency Program

March 11, 2021 | Hugh Norwood

TEG will provide Ready LXP, a competency based micro-learning platform comprised of standards-aligned best practices and mentoring tools to school leaders across Florida

Highland, MD, (March 11, 2021) TEG has been selected as the learning design partner for a pilot program to develop and deliver competency-based leadership development with the Florida DOE. 

The pilot program begins this spring with a select list of 200 educational leaders from districts, service centers, and universities throughout Florida.

The overall aim of the pilot program is to assess the efficacy of new, job-embedded professional development aligned to the Professional Standards for Educational Leaders (PSEL) framework.  One of the key aspects will be the use of an innovative competency-based microlearning platform, developed by TEG, to ensure easy and equitable access to PD across a wide range of districts and leadership roles.

“Principals and administrators are constantly on the go, around-the-clock,” said Hugh Norwood, President of TEG. “But they still need anytime access to best practices and nationally-recognized competencies. This pilot will give the same access to high-quality professional development to all school leaders, regardless of where they live or which school district they work for.”

By equipping school Principals with its Ready LXP learning experience platform, TEG will provide pilot participants with a simple and powerful interface for online, personalized learning paths, competency aligned professional development and--in a first of its kind--in-app mentoring and coaching by the participant’s existing mentor. 

“This is not about just putting a course online,” says Norwood. “The FDOE is piloting a really innovative model that is focused on supporting school leaders--in  their local work, with their local mentors.”

The pilot program will run through the remainder of the school year, and all participants will be given an opportunity to evaluate the model and suggest improvements.  The results will also be evaluated by a team of academics and experts assembled by FDOE as part of its ongoing work to ensure highly effective school leadership. 

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